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10th Grade Research Report Lesson Plan

Product Project


Essential Questions:  By definition what is a product?  Why are they made?


Find a product from the 1960’s that interests you or that you like and do a report on the following information.  The report should be double spaced , include a picture timeline of the product, and a watermark picture of the product in the background.  The report should use either 12 pt. Times New Roman, Verdana, Arial, Georgia, Century Schoolbook, or Tahoma fonts.  The headings of each section should be as below with the information written in paragraph form and complete sentences.

Product History

  • When was the product developed and by whom?
  • Brief history of the developer and why product was created.
  • What has changed significantly about the product over time?  (this would include ingredients, labeling, name, size and cost.)  Explain why.  Why do you think the product has changed?
  • Show a picture timeline and/or cost timeline for 5 year increments for a 20-30 year period depending on how long the product has been in existence.

 Product Creation

  • Tell how product was made?
  • What is used to create the product?  Does it have chemical ingredients?  If so, list them.  Choose one of the chemicals and tell how it is used in the food product.
  • What is the cost to produce the product?  Separate the materials and cost of each material and then give a total for one production.

Product Marketing

  • How was the product marketed?
  • How is the packaging of the product done or what types of packaging does it have?
  • What commercials can you recall about the product?
  • What significant changes have been made to the packaging?
  • What symbols, slogans or catch phrases have been used to get your attention to sell the product?  Change the slogan to one that fits how you view the product.
  • What environmental or health issues might be of concern for this product?

Use the following links to help you find out about your product:  

Use the following links to help you cite your sources:

Timeline and Instructions for Final Product Project

The product you create will need to have the following:

  1. A research paper on a product in the 1960’s
  2. A collaborative model of a product
  3. A bookmark or letterhead to market the product





Research Report



Model of Product



Bookmark or letterhead



Total Possible Points




The final product and presentation is due week of January 12-15, 2008.  There are no exceptions.  If you have any questions, concerns or need help, please do not hesitate to let me know.  During this week, you will have to present your final product presentation to receive a final grade.


If you need extra time before the deadlines to work on the project, you can come after school on Wednesday or Friday at 3:45 in the computer lab, providing you let me know ahead of time.




Computer Lab Activity

20 Minute Quiz on PowerPoint - PDN (Please Do Now)


Students will create an animated object that assesses their skills in using the motion path animation tool and reinforcing animation tools already learned.

Students will be able to create a sequence of an event from beginning to end.

Students will show their use of graphically designed PowerPoint layouts.


Standards addressed:

1.  Creativity and Innovation

Students demonstrate creative thinking, construct knowledge, and develop innovative products and processes using technology.  Students will:

a.  apply existing knowledge to generate new ideas, products or processes.

b.  create original works as a means of personal or group expression. 

4.  Critical Thinking, Problem Solving and Decision Making

Students use critical thinking skills to plan and conduct research, manage projects, solve problems and make informed decisions using appropriate digital tools and resources.  Students will:

b. plan and manage activities to develop a solution or complete a project. 



Microsoft PowerPoint

List of possible scenarios to create and animate



Inform students that they have only 20 minutes to reproduce and create a slideshow animated scene that will use motion path and prior animation tools learned in PowerPoint.  they have to choose from the list of scenarious given.  The slideshow should consist of 4 slides including a introductory slide.  The first slide should continue the graphic theme into the second slide. (Show example).

Students will be graded on the following with a total of 16 pt.:

Rubric 16 pt. = A, 14 pt. = B, 12 pt. = C, 10 pt. = D, 9 or below = 0 

8 pt. for following directions and content with 2 pt per item:

  • 4 slides
  • Includes introductory slide
  • Scenario chosen from list and animation clearly shows what the scene is about
  • Name, appropriate title, class and grade on Introductory slide
8 pt. for layout:
  • Colors theme our consistent throughout presentation
  •  Objects are balanced on the page (no more than 3 objects per page)
  • Page layout chosen is correct
  • Background goes with scenario chosen and sound is added if needed for effect
  1.  A ball bouncing down the street, road, park, steps, etc.
  2. a plane taking off and then landing.
  3. Raining on flowers, then stops and sun comes out.
  4. A boat traveling on the water to an island.
  5. A car moving and comes to a stop sign to let people pass by.
  6. A car chase.
  7. Someone running to a destination.
  8. Someone walking down a street or road to a house.
  9. Someone riding a bike to a destination.
  10. Someone jumping onto something.
  11. A bird flying in a cloud or away from a rain cloud.
  12. A roller coaster going down then up again.
  13. Someone roller skating and then falls or jumps.
  14. Someone skateboarding.
  15. A rock that is thrown and hits the water or skips in the water.
  16. A butterfly flying and landing on a tree, flower or someones head, are, shoulders.
  17. A bumble bee flying, then swarming around someone; someone running from a bumble bee.
  18. A bumble flying and landing on a tree or flower.
  19. Balloons popping or flying into the sky.
  20. A flower growing.
You may use other animations to get their point across but it must follow the above guidelines. Remember, the point of PowerPoint is to communicate and communicate effectively.  Be clear and implicit in the animation.  You shouldn't have to explain it.  The animation should speak for itself.



 9th Grade ADL Lesson

 Be Reflective About Music 



  • Students should be able to make comparisons with three different types of songs and music after looking at song lyrics.
  • Students should understand how music alters mood and thinking by creating their own tracks.
  • Students should determine if music affects their way of life and belief system through discussion.

 Have students answer the following reflective questions as they are listening to the music


  1. How do each on of these songs make you feel?
  2. What’s the difference between these three songs?

After students have listened to each song for about a half a minute to a minute, stop the music and discuss the questions.


Next have students listen to the songs again, but this time pass out a sheet with the words on it for each song.  Have them reflect on the following questions:


Do the words of these songs have any meaning?  If so what kind of meaning, and how do we derive meaning from songs?  What makes a song a good or bad influence?


As you are listening to the song, circle words that stand out for you—do they say anything to you?  Why?


Show students the PowerPoint presentation that shows them how society effects us through music and our belief system.  As students are watching the presentation ask them to journal what they believe each slide is trying to make them feel and believe.


After completion of the questions and presentation, students will then create three songs from that reflect who they believe themselves to be and what they stand for……….they should explain why they have chosen the particular songs they have.  The songs cannot have any inappropriate words, images or comments.  It should be a mix with each song lasting about 1 minute.  Next, they should find the lyrics to each one of the songs and put together their mix through words.  They should be able to explain why they chose the songs and sections of the songs that they did and make a presentation as to how these songs affect who they believe they are and how they think.


PowerPoint Presentation About Music

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