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Martin Palamore


14, March 2009

To Whom this May Concern:

I hope that this letter finds you well. I am writing this letter on behalf of Renee Robinson for a position at your school.

I have known Renee for nine years, and have had the privilege of working with her in many capacities. I highly recommend her for your position as teacher.

 I initially met Renee when I was a student at De La Salle Institute. She was the Consumer Education and Computer Technology Teacher. Her class was one of the most memorable classes I had in high school. Despite that the resources were scarce and antiquated, she took what she had and made a memorable class where I learned a lot. Many of my peers and I knew Renee’s attention to detail, her charismatic attitude, and creativity very well.

I was so inspired by Renee’s tact as a teacher that I starting working with her in subsequent semesters at De La Salle. We worked very well together, and she taught me a lot of things about being a great teacher. Some of the skills that she demonstrated I still use today with my students.

Recently, Renee and I worked at Perspectives Charter School. She continued to demonstrate her willingness to do her best. The students took to her very well and she was very well liked. She challenged her students to be the best and settled for nothing less even when there were dissenting comments from the students. Additionally, I observed Renee as an excellent team player on the faculty. She worked very well with both faculty and staff and was wiling to help even at her own expense.

Personally, Renee and I are friends. Although we are separated by a generation our friendship is very strong. She is always respectful of viewpoints and always willing to listen. Her generosity is hard to come by and I have always appreciated it. Her creativity and drive is inspiring and I turn to her when I am feeling that I am lacking those attributes. Her personality is contagious, and will be a great fit in any environment.

Her professionalism, drive, creativity and ambition to help curb the negativity often associated with urban schools will make her an excellent asset to your team. You will not be disappointed.

If you have any questions or would like to contact me regarding this reference letter please contact me using the information above.

Thank you for taking the time to read this letter and have a blessed day.




Martin Palamore

Financial Literacy Specialist and Social Media Coordinator

DePaul University




919 W George Apt. 2E

Chicago, IL 60657